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Company History


Working for a company that was established in 1880 everyone at Classic Plaster Mouldings have great pride in the fact that our fibrous plasterwork is made the traditional way using artisans' techniques. We use authentic materials for our plaster; gypsum (plaster of paris), jute scrim (strong, loose weave fabric for reinforacement) and timber laths. In the hands of our expert craftsmen, we can guarantee the high quality plaster mouldings that we are famous for.

When working on a restoration, plaster mouldings are often required to replace damaged or lost originals. In order to match these our highly skilled craftsmen can replica, not only the original design and material, but build the plaster moulding in the same way it was done in the first place - making your restoration as true to the original as is possible.

It is this excellence in our work that has earned us a reputation for being the best. Our work has been used in a number of listed buildings during restoration. Plaster mouldings from Classic Plaster Mouldings have been used in castles and stately homes during renovation work, as they fulfil the requirements of Listed Building Consent.


It isn't just plaster mouldings that we take pride in, we are also very proud of how we train each successive generation of artisans who make and install our plaster mouldings. Our new trainees all quickly become as passionate about our work as the old hands are.

We don't just specialise in reproducing authentic plaster mouldings for use in restoration projects, we also have a diverse stock of various standard mouldings. We are among the best in the country at restoration of plaster mouldings.

Aside from our restoration work for interior plaster and mouldings, here at Classic Plaster Mouldings we have devised several unique methods for reproducing period external decorative plaster work. Our products are superior to competitors due to their extremely durable nature, being resistant to rain, sun and wind, in addition to being as attrative as the originals.

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Our business is to work faithfully amongst a team of craftsmen working with architects and restoration specialists to create, preserve, restore and continue a magnificent tradition within architecture.
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  Our Work  

The portfolio of work we have carried out extends back for well over a century; including restoration projects on dozens castles, stately homes, castles, and other listed buildings across the UK, where we have been called in thanks to our unmatched range of skills with restoration of plaster mouldings.

We have been brought in for new builds as well; adding a touch of classic grace to reproduction designs.

Please visit our case studies to see examples of previous jobs that we have been done.

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