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Lime Rendering

Most work on traditional buildings is completed using lime based products. This is due to the advantageous property that lime has of enabling the building to breathe. There are two types of lime based products. Lime putty based (non-hydraulic lime) and Natural Hydraulic Lime based.

Lime Rendering  

Lime putty based (non-hydraulic lime)

Quicklime is added to water causing a chemical reaction termed as slaking. The mixture is then sieved and left to mature for at least 3 months.
Products using lime putty;
  • Mortar
    • Produced by mixing coarse sand with lime putty. It is suitable for rendering and pointing.
  • Fine Skim
    • Lime putty is mixed with fine sand to produce a plaster best suited to top coating.
  • Lime Wash
    • Lime putty is diluted using water to create a thin wash. Different pigments are then added in order to obtain differently coloured lime wash paint.
  • Haired Lime Plaster
    • Hair is added to plaster mix in order to give the plaster a higher tensile strength level. The added strength is important when plastering onto laths and is commonly used for internal plastering on solid backgrounds.
Lime Rendering
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Lime Rendering  

Hydraulic Lime and Natural Hydraulic Lime.

Made from limestone, the limestone is then burnt and then slaked. This means a harder set is obtained because of chemical reactions caused within. It is termed as Hydraulic as it can set underwater.
Hydraulic Lime is graded into three types;
  • 2 -Feebly hydraulic
  • 3.5 –Moderately hydraulic
  • 5 – Eminently hydraulic
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