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Plasterwork; cornices, friezes, corbels and ceiling roses. All were prominent features of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian architecture. Many of the buildings featuring these original pieces have suffered from neglect. But quality restoration is available - and more affordable than you might think.

Many a period stucco ceiling across the UK gives the appearance of having been cared for with love and devotion for centuries. Finely executed examples of the work are beautiful pieces of architectural history perfectly in tune with their settings. But so often these decorations are not, strictly speaking, authentic. The design is original and so are some of the details, but mst of the workmanship is actually contemporary.

Some of these features are affected by fire. A depressing proportion of the original ornamental plasterwork in the UK has been lost to fire and subsequent water damage. In many of the cases all that remains of glorious ceilings or exquisitely ornate corbels lays in a thousand pieces, scattered amidst the wreckage. If caught early enough, many fragments of the moulded plasterwork can be salvaged. Master plasterers, like Classic Plaster Mouldings, can work these components into carefully constructed reproductions of the original schemes.

Even if the majority an original ceiling has to be remade by hand the work we carry out is of such a standard that only a expert would be able to spot the signs. Many of the techniques we use started disappearing from common practise from the mid-19th century. We are proud to combine some of the most state-of-the-art technologies with traditional craftsmanship.

Few people own period homes with all of the original features intact, but these cornices and plaster ceiling mouldings were a standard decorative feature of the vast majority Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian buildings. Until developers and home 'improvers' started ripping them out wholesale to fit partition walls or contemporary design styles.

Classic Plaster Mouldings have built their reputation on conservation commissions in the some of the regions most impressive restoration projects. But we are happy taking on smaller, domestic projects. Such as replacing damaged plasterwork and recreating missing ceiling roses or other period features in relatively ordinary period houses. Or adding authentic features to replica developments. In their own small way, these jobs are as challenging and as rewarding as the restoration of a famous listed property.
  plaster moulding restoration

 plaster moulding restoration
plaster moulding restoration
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