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  Decorative Moulding Reproduction. Specialists in architectural mouldings restoration and reproduction, Classic Plaster Mouldings.  
Interior Moulding Reproduction
Reproduction of period ornamental plasterwork is something in which Classic Plaster Mouldings have long experience. Our work in this field falls into two main categories, producing authentic mouldings for period reproduction properties and recreating pieces for renovation work.

In recreating period plaster ornaments and features we can add a touch of class to any property. Within the world of property development, there are many people who are improving the value of Edwardian or Victorian properties by restoring them to their former glory. Throughout the twentieth century many of these properties were completely renovated and this often involved destroying, removing or covering over the original features including ornamental plasterwork.

Property developers, both professional and amateur, often come to Classic Plaster Mouldings, as the renowned experts in this field, to supply and fit ornamental plasterwork to the original style. Because of our long experience and wealth of knowledge in plasterwork we can install plaster ornamentation which is in keeping with how the interiors would have looked. We can supply 'of the peg' pieces or custom build the features to your own taste or follow an existing style, either recreating from surviving plasterwork within the property or neighbouring properties or making moulds by eye based on old photographs.

It is this level of expertise which has earned Classic Plaster Mouldings the enviable reputation of being the best, with over a century of working heritage we are now reproducing plasterwork which is younger than our company.
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