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Most period plasterwork is supported by a surprisingly rugged and economical framework. This is usually made up of narrow lathes of oak or softwood, which are fixed to the ceiling joists in close-knit strips. However the fabric of the plaster detail varies as much as the possible patterns.

Late Georgian and Victorian buildings are most likely to have a gypsum plaster which is reinforced with timber. Stronger, more versatile fibrous plaster, which is made by combining gypsum with hessian, became far more common from the mid 19th century. It is worth keeping in mind the fact the period plasterers occasionally crafted the most intricate details from papier-mache or another 'compo' (any paper-based compound). To the untrained eye, these look just like gypsum, but have the distressing tendency of dissolving when cleaned with water.

Any plasterwork is vulnerable to chemical cleaning solutions, often applied by well-meaning people who are horrified by the consequences of their actions. Astringent paint removal materials can make a cleaning job quick and simply. But use them without the greatest of care and they will weaken the plasterwork and it can even just crumble away.

Plasterwork damaged in this way can be fully restored or recreated. Most typically damaged are ceiling sections such as a ceiling rose or cornice design with fleur de lys, Virginia leaf, bird, beast or fruit scroll. These will lose little details or even whole segments. The quickest method to repair such damage is to take a cast of an intact piece of the detail, and from this make a mould. Then a new matching piece can be cast in plaster and carefully attached to the original work. For particularly special plasterwork, it is sometimes worth taking the time and effort to fully restore it rather than simply replace damaged plasterwork. But for badly damaged schemes it will be impossible and we will have to remake the whole scheme from scratch.

Even for totally gutted period homes, all is not lost. When there is none of the original work and no guiding references we can construct an entire scheme from scratch to your preferred designs and in keeping with the character of the house. Although many people like to have the truly original plasterwork within their home, just as many people are happy with bespoke designs and layouts as eloborate or understated as they want. When we work from scratch like this we can talk you through selecting the right peices for the right job and discuss any custom built peices you want.
  plaster moulding renovation

 plaster moulding renovation
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