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This photograph to the right shows the ornate overmantle at Boringdon Hall, in Plympton, following the full restoration we carried out on it.

The overmantle had suffered from neglect for many years and was in such a terrible state that little of the original work was salvageable. However, by carefully taking moulds of the sound remnants and referring to old photographs we were able to reproduce in clay whole piece. Although it involved a lot of clever and painstaking work. The next step was fibrous plaster casts being made and assembled in sections. The overall panel measures approximately 3m high x 3.6m long.
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This photograph shows the 15th Century ceiling that we fully restored at the same time as the overmantle. We used similar processes in restoring the ceiling.

Ceilings in a state of near collapse like this can be held in place by reinforced backing, which is lightweight, but immensely strong. Classic Plaster Mouldings are experts in this process.

Maristow House

Maristow House, on the edge of Plymouth, is an exceptionally fine period example of predominantly Georgian architecture, throughout both the exterior and interior.

The main building and the various wings were severely damaged by fire and suffered from subsequent water damage. For the rebuilding, the structure was divided into units. These were then restored with great fidelity by reproducing the mouldings from the salvaged remains.

Period Plaster Restoration

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The entrance hall (pictured) boasts a ceilings with gorgeously decorative cornices. As well as moulding on the semi-circular archways of great elegance and style.

Recreating an authentic replica of original style with modern techniques ensures that the restoration work will last as long as the original.

Some parts of the house contained a beautifully elaborate barrel-style ceiling with mouldings placed in a symmetrical layout classic of the period.

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