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The keystone has been a core part of architectural design since ancient times. Most exterior arches feature a moulded keystone which forms a visual centrepiece to the structure. Louvres will also often keystones, occasionally at the four 'compass' points. All of this usually follows the same style as the other exterior architectural mouldings, either plain, simple, scrolled or elaborate. Keystones are also included within many architraves as decorative touches, breaking up the plain straight edges.

In the majority of period buildings (as opposed to classical architecture), the keystone moulding will be purely decorative, rather than a structural feature. This is both good news and bad. The bad news is that the moulding itself, being a decorative piece, will not have the strength and durability of a more integral stone.

The good news is that the keystone can be repaired or replaced more easily. In fact we can reproduce an exact replica of any keystone and install it within an arch or archivolt seemlessly. Our expert craftsmen can match the finish to that of the existing structure.
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