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Exterior Cornice Restoration  

Architectural mouldings are often what gives a building its character, especially at first glance. Any renovation project dealing with a building that has these features will, often as not, requrie some repair work to the cornice.

Strictly speaking the cornice is the horizontal moulding which projects from the top of the walls, just below the roof. It can also be the slanting moulding forming the top of an entablature. The work cornice is Italian and simply means “ledge.”

In practice, a cornice molding refers to any decorative molding which sits horizontally across any building feature. Over a door, window, porch, at the top of walls or even around a pedestal. The cornice on a building usually follows the same style as the remainder of the decoration, either simple and somewhat plain or elaborately decorated. Unfortunately the more detailed the cornice, the more likely that some damage is likely to occur.

In most cases, a cornice actually fulfils a practical purpose, in preventing rainwater from running straight down the walls of a building. Modern buildings largely do away with this practical function by having the gable ends and roof eaves protrude and by having efficient guttering. This doesn't entirely do away with the cornice as an architectural moulding, but it does demote it to purely decorative.

With modern materials, such as GRC, we are able to reproduce classical style of cornice for period reproductions and renovations. Classic Plaster Mouldings have skilled craftsmen who have extensive experience in repairing the original cornice when restoring exterior mouldings, replacing sections which may be damaged beyond repair.

We can also artifically 'age' the finish to match the appearance of either original mouldings or surrounding properties.
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