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The restoration of damaged mouldings is a delicate process, especially in listed or other sensitive buildings. Restoring badly damaged architectural mouldings and features is occasionally impossible and we would be forced to reproduce any irrepairable sections, perfectly marrying the new components to the existing structure.

Thankfully, traditional construction techniques result in sturdy, long lasting architectural features. So a good proportion of exterior mouldings will be largely intact. In this case we can carefully clean and restore the features to their original condition, rebuilding any minor damage and blending it seemlessly.

Restoring the exterior of a building doesn't stop at the details, attractive as these are. Quite often any render would need some work, either repairing any damage or simply giving it a professional clean. Unfortunately, even cleaning a render can be a tricky task. In many cases, where a render has been left uncared for you will find that it is going to be too delicate to withstand the scrubbing needed to clean it.
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