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Classic Plaster Mouldings offer an expert service in the restoration, renovation and reproduction of architectural mouldings for period and replica buildings.
Because we have had over a century to perfect our craft we have earned our reputation for excellence.

Traditional exterior mouldings were made from cement, as it is far easier to work with than stone, especially in producing uniform results. Cement is a wise choice in that it is weather resistant, doesn't rot or warp. The problem arises in that cement is brittle, with little tensile strength. This means that it is easily damaged. And while it is resistant to the effects of rain, sun and wind, it will eventually wear down. A particular problem with the typical age of a building with exterior decoration made from cement.

Architectural mouldings manufactured by Classic Plaster Mouldings are made from GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Cement). A careful mixture of materials which gives the same performance as cement in weather resistance but is far less fragile. It also gives the same appearance as cement, allowing us to match it to existing features. We can reproduce any cosmetic finishes to our reproduction exterior mouldings, including artificially aging it to match.

Where there are existing mouldings and features which are suitable for repair, our experts can restore these to their original condition.
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