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The raised, occasionally decorated, panel which sites underneath a window or other opening in a wall.

Architrave: The horizontal piece immediately above columns. This forms the bottom-most segment of an entablature. Architrave is also used by experts and laymen in referring to the moulded surround of doors and windows.

Archivolt: A banded or moulded surround to an archway. This usually creates a concave section, mostly typical of gothic designs, particularly churches and cathedrals.

Bargeboards: These are boards put in place at the gable ends of a roof to disguise and keep the elements from the room timbers.

Capital: A decorated feature at the top of a column or pilaster.Column: Any freestanding, upright vertical, typically rounded. False columns have been quite common for centuries, the have a truncated cross section and are fixed to a wall.

Corbel: Originally a block which is an integral part of a wall, acting as a protruding support for a parapet, arch or sill. In many buildings these are often purely decorative.

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