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When it comes to the restoration, renovation or reproduction of period plasterwork and exterior mouldings, Classic Plaster Mouldings have earned their place as one of the most respected specialist companies in the UK. It isn't just getting something which looks right, but Classic Plaster Mouldings have had over a century to develop the fine art of mouldings, meaning that whether it is interior or exterior it will be looking good a hundred years from now.

Moulded exterior details are an attractive addition to any building, it is one of the features which make period buildings so attractive. However, as a building ages, so does the material used to create these exterior features. We use GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete), which gives the finished appearance to match traditional exterior mouldings but is far tougher.

Aside from lasting a lot longer than traditional cement based exterior mouldings, GRC is lighter and far less fragile. Meaning that we can get it into place quicker and with less hassle. Of course, our expertise lies in producing replica components to repair a damaged fa├žade. We can reproduce both the shape, texture and overall appearance of the original moulding, to the point that you would have to be an expert and paying very close attention to spot the difference.

It is this tailor-made service which makes us leaders in the field of restoring exterior mouldings. The damage caused by time can be repaired, but it is one of those jobs where expert skill is needed, enthusiastic amatuers often cause even more damage. This is especially the case with listed buildings, which need to have special attention.
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